Commission Information and Pricing

Hey! If you're interested in recieving an Art Commission from me, please keep reading!

-My designs may be used commercially, but my art cannot! !Can be discussed!
-I hold the right to refuse any commission
-I will ask for half up front, and half after completion
-Refunds will be given ONLY if there is some sort of emergency, or if I am unable to complete the commission
-I will send progress photos! PLEASE correct me if I am missing anything! No changes to lineart will be made after color is down, and no changes to colors will be made after shading is down
-Do not sell my designs for higher prices, unless art is added
-Do not use any of my art or designs for NFTs or AI
-Payment is accepted through Cashapp, Venmo, and Paypal, with a heavy preference for Cashapp.
Each additional character costs 50% of original character's price (EG. original character is $15, all others would be +$7.50
Backgrounds $5-$15 depending on complexity (single/two colored will not cost extra
Drawing from shoulders up
Loose/messy Sketch- $5 USD
Cleaned- $8 USD
Colored- $10 USD
Shaded- $15 USD
Drawing either from waist or knees up
Loose/messy Sketch- $10 USD
Cleaned- $13 USD
Colored- $15 USD
Shaded- $20 USD
+$4 for dynamic pose
-Drawing from head to toe
Loose/messy Sketch- $15 USD
Cleaned- $20 USD
Colored- $25 USD
Shaded $30 USD
+$7 for dynamic pose
Ref Sheets!
$20 USD. Comes with sfw fullbody clothed + unclothed
Custom Characters!
$15 USD. Comes with halfbody ref sheet.
$20 USD. Comes with fullbody ref sheet

Sketch Pages!
$5 USD
Tips and such appreciated, but not necessary!