Well, since you dared to click further, I guess youre a bit interested. so here's a bit about me!


My name is Adder, and I use he/him pronouns . I'm an artist who focuses mainly on furry art ! My fursonas name is Everest :) .

I'm a very creative person, so I spend most of my time drawing or writing poetry . Sometimes I'll write short stories, though . I (obviously) love hot pink, and I'm also a huge fan of pastels ! At this time I am a minor, and prefer interacting with teens 15-19 ^_^


As stated above, I love drawing . I also love designing characters . I'm not involved in any fandoms, but I do enjoy the Pokemon games & shows ! They're very nostalgic for me and also bring me a lot of joy :) my favorite pokemons are Salandit and Skitty !

I'm currently aiming to become a marine biologist or other marine-oriented jobs, specifically with freshwater, though. I really like animals, and I love learning about them. I also love learning about vaccines and diseases, and have a somewhat strange fasination with rabies. If you're interested in knowing me better, or commissioning an art piece from me, click the according link below ! :)

Here are some places you can find me!

My Art Instagram
My Personal/face Instagram
My Discord Server

Here are things pertaining to Commissions!

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My Art Examples
My Designs & Customs

Thanks for checking me out, if you choose to do so! I hope you have a lovely day, night, or whatever it is where you live. Chao!